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Returns and Refunds Policy:

  1. Request Period:

    • Purchasers must request a refund or exchange to the seller within 48 hours of receiving the item.

    • To initiate a return, buyers should contact the seller directly through the platform's messaging system or designated communication channel.

  2. Processing Time:

    • If the seller agrees to the refund or exchange the seller must process refunds or exchanges within 7 days of receiving a request from the purchaser.

  3. Condition of Returned Item:

    • Items must be returned in the exact condition in which they were received.

  4. Documentation:

    • Purchasers may be required by the seller to submit pictures of the item when requesting a refund.

  5. Shipping Costs:

    • The seller will determine whether the purchaser or the seller covers shipping costs for returns or exchanges.

    • Buyers should follow the seller's instructions regarding return shipping.

  6. Refund Process:

    • Once the seller approves the return request, buyers should follow the seller's instructions for returning the item.

    • Refunds or exchanges will be processed by the seller within 7 days of receiving the returned item.

  7.  Buyer Communication with Sellers:

    • Buyers should maintain open and clear communication with sellers throughout the return process.

    • Buyers are encouraged to ask any questions or address any concerns with the seller before initiating a return.

  8. Seller Compliance:

    • Sellers are responsible for addressing return requests in accordance with their return policy and marketplace guidelines.

    • If a seller fails to comply with the return policy, buyers may escalate the issue to the platform admin for resolution.

  9. Dispute Resolution:

    • Disputes over returns should be initially handled between the purchaser and the seller.

    • If the purchaser and seller cannot reach an agreement, the purchaser may escalate the issue and email

    • The admin will act as a mediator in disputes. If no wrongdoing or error is found on behalf of the seller, the refund will not be processed.

    • If the admin decides the return dispute on the buyer's behalf and approves the refund, sellers have 48 hours to comply with the return request or face removal from the platform.

    • MadeBy Shops LLC nor its owner will be held liable for any loss of income or products resulting from the seller's failure to comply with the return request within the specified timeframe.

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